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Thank you for taking on this important role. Here is some information you will need for the upcoming Autumn Season.

Stadium entry

You are entitled to free entry to the Stadium on game day for your team. There is a sign in sheet at each stadium, with a list of teams scheduled to play. You are required to initial the sheet upon your arrival at the Stadium.

If you attend additional games during the week, for which you are not the coach, you will be required to pay the door entry fee.

Managing court time for players

To make sure that a child has every chance of both enjoying the game and experiencing improvement, we have a policy of equal time on court for all players and for the most part we are proud to achieve this benchmark. The template below is a useful tool to make managing your subs an easy task.

 Player rotation template

Coaching courses and support from coaching coordinator

Mentone Mustangs would like all our coaches to complete level 0 coaching courses within their first season of training and will pay for the course costs.  Please send a copy of your payment receipt to and we will add this reimbursement to your coaching reimbursement. 

All of the information and registration links are here:


We recommend you build a support base of coaches who can fill in when you are absent. Either from within your team or a coach of another team (your age coordinator can put you in touch with other coaches). 

We recognise that the role of coaching encompasses much more than how to shoot a basketball. Helping players navigate emotional and physical development is an integral part of the role. If you need support with any aspects of coaching not covered under the level 0 coaching course, please reach out to our coaching coordinator to discuss. We have assisted past coaches and players with matters such as learning difficulties/styles, anger management and disabilities. It is always worth asking the question and we can work through how we can best support your team.


Team manager and coaching roles

Coaches/Team Managers – The team manager and coach roles are crucial roles and are not able to be delegated without due diligence. You have taken on a formal role and hold the responsibility for your team. You cannot pass this role on to another person (junior or adult) without first consulting with your age group coordinator and club general manager to ensure that the relevant training and documentation is completed. If there is any change to the officials in your team, please be sure to contact your age group coordinator and club general manager immediately.

Junior coaches – we have a Youth Coaching program (YCP) for including and supporting coaches who are U18. They cannot be assigned to the role without going through the process. To ensure the best possible experience for both coach and player, we want to ensure our junior coaches are equipped with the required skills and support. Contact your age group coordinator or coaching administrator for more information.

Forfeits and Fill ins

Did you know that a fee is incurred when teams forfeit at the last minute. Not to mention other players miss out on game time. A minimum of 4 players are required for a game to proceed.

We encourage your team manager to attempt to find fill ins when needed rather than forfeiting. Contact Mel on 0459333090 for contact details for other teams. 

SBA forms and policies for rules on fill ins.



We value the wellbeing of all our members above winning. To this end encourage all  members to spend some time reviewing our Mission and Values and our Constitution and Policies.

At the first indication of discontent, please raise this with your Age Group Coordinator. 

Any concerns about child safety or wellbeing, please contact our Child Protection and Conflict coordinator.


Training and other team contacts

Our training schedule is a great resource. It is a live google document so will always be up to date as changes are made. You can use it to see who is training when, to arrange scrimmages or mixed training sessions with other teams, and also to get an email or phone number for coaches and team managers of other teams.

Our training coordinator or age group coordinator will be sending this out to you shortly.


Training resource bags/D-Man

We have been able to create an amazing set of training resources. These are available for loan by coaches. Please contact our coaching administrator,  Karen to arrange a loan.

Team managers

You will have your Team Manager supporting you and your team. 

Their role includes:

  • Communicating with the team regarding games and duties

  • Arranging Scoring  and MVP voting duties

  • Arranging forfeits if required

  • Assisting players on the bench as required 

  • Addressing any queries with Referees or Scorers. (the team coach or team manager (if a coach is absent) can approach the referee during the game for clarification of any rulings made by the referee. This must be done at time outs, half time and full time. If they are not satisfied with this outcome or have other concerns, they may approach the Referee Supervisor)

Coaches reimbursement

Did you know as a coach you are entitled to a 50% reimbursement of your child's registration fees? Only coaches who are compliant with member protection requirements before the 10th of July will be entitled to this reimbursement.

For our fantastic coaches who do not have a child in the Mustangs, we would like to say thank you also.

To receive these benefits you must complete your regulatory requirements before the season commences and provide your banking details via the survey below. We will be processing  all reimbursements in one batch payment during the season. (see below for how to do this) **Don’t forget to send through your receipt for the coaching course so we can include this in your reimbursement.

Member protection requirements


To coach in the Autumn 2024 season, full compliance is mandatory for all coaches by Saturday 10th Feb, 2024. If you are unable to meet any of the requirements, kindly inform your Age Group Coordinator so that alternative coaching arrangements can be arranged.

We have received notification that the Everproof accreditation management service will be retiring in March 2024. In the interim we will be adopting the following process for managing coaching accreditation. We appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Full compliance requires the following steps:

  • Register yourself as a coach in playhq (each season) 

  • Enter your Working With Children Check (WWCC) number to playhq (renew every 5 years) and email a copy of your WWCC to A photo is fine. 

  • Complete these two online courses through 'Play by the Rules' and email a copy of your certificates of completion to

    • Child Protection online course (once only) 

    • Harassment and Discrimination online course (once only) 

  • Complete the community coaching course and acknowledge your certification in playhq when you register. Please email a copy of your certificate to

  • Email your signed & witnessed (by a qualified person) Member Protection Declaration (renew every 2.5 years) to


We know this is a lot so we have created a step by step guide to help you out. Our coaching administrator can also provide support:


The SBA will be checking Coach and/or Assistant coach accreditations to ensure that mandatory compliance requirements are maintained. If a coach or an assistant coach is deemed to not be compliant, then that team’s current domestic season points will be reset to zero at that point.


An exemption can be requested for the Community Coaching Course-Level 0 only, however evidence is required that the next available course has been booked by the individual.


Please fill in this survey to ensure that we have your latest banking and contact details, make sure you let us know if your everproof account is linked to a different email 

If you are U18, please contact your age group coordinator to ensure they are aware of your status as a junior coach. We will require a parent/guardian contact details and for you to complete all coaching accreditation requirements with the exception of a Working with Childrens check.


Team Managers, coaches and committee are all volunteers who are juggling day jobs, study and families as well as their Mustangs role. Please keep this in mind when communicating. If you have an urgent issue or query, please use mobile numbers listed on the website to text or ring.

If you have any questions please talk to your Age Group Coordinator as a first port of call.

Team App is our communication platform of choice.  

Messages and alerts will come directly to your phone via the app and where relevant, a copy will also come to your email address. Please ensure you check with your team manager that you have been added to your teams ‘team app’ group - failure to do so will mean you do not get correspondence throughout the season. Please note if you don’t download the app you will receive limited content via e-mail.  

How to set up Team App

1. Download Team App from the App Store or Google Play to your mobile device – it’s free!

2. Sign-up for a Team App account using the e-mail in which you received this invitation.

3. Log-in and search for your team, e.g. MUSTANGS – U23G PONYS 

4. When setting up your account, please be sure to subscribe to the access group for each team that you are part of. 

Please check:

• You are logged in with the correct Team App account and have notifications enabled.

• You are in the correct access group - check this via your team's app settings / access groups.

• Your access request to join the app has been approved and is not still pending - check with your app's admin.

• You have updated the app to the latest version via the App Store or Google Play.

Note: If issues remain, please check with other members to see what they are seeing in their app then follow up with your app's admin.


Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and information. Our website is also a great source of information and resources so please pop on and have a look around.

Season calendar and fixture

Thanks for being part of the club and have a great season.

The Mentone Mustangs committee

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