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First Aid equipment

The following equipment is available at game venues, please see venue manager 

* First Aid Kit

* Ice

* Blood Kit

* Clean Rags

What to do in the event of an Injury

Where an injury occurs during training or a game, please ensure the incident is recorded by the referees or venue manager. If the injury results in absence from a number of games then the player may need to apply for medical exemption to play in the season finals. 

In the event that the injury was not recorded at the time, then a statutory declaration from a witness to the event, may be requested. A medical certificate will also be required for exemption and insurance purposes.

A bleeding player must leave the court immediately and may not resume playing until the bleeding has stopped. Blood must be removed from the player and uniform before the player can resume playing. A blood kit, stored in the referee’s room, should be used on spilt blood on the floor, benches and equipment. Blood kit should only be used by the referees or referee supervisor. NOTE: Play cannot commence until any blood spills have been cleaned.


Each team is responsible for attending to their own injured player, coach and spectator. If an ambulance is required, either the player or team representative must accept responsibility for payment of ambulance fee.

Click here to read the complete SBA Injury by laws (section 22) 

Insurance Claim

Mentone Mustangs members are covered by the Basketball Victoria Insurance policy. Including, but not limited to, non-medicare medical expenses incurred as a result of an injury .

To lodge a claim or view the full policy please click on the button below.

Please note that all claim forms must be completed and submitted by the claimant and signed by the Association.

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