All coaches are required to complete the Community Coaching Course (previously called level 0 coaching course) within their first season of coaching. 

No current dates have been set for the next Community Coaching Course, but this will be updated as soon as we are advised of new dates.

We invite all coaches and prospective coaches to complete this course. Mentone Mustangs will cover the cost of this course ($10).


1/. To register, email your interest to our admin and include your full name, phone number, email address and home address:


Please note:

*If you are not aspiring to become a Mustangs coach or have already completed this coaching course then please disregard this message.

*We have been inundated with requests to add coaches to Everproof and are working our way through these so please be patient if you have not yet received your invitation. When your registration has been processed, you will be able to upload your ‘Play by the rules’ and ‘Covid safe’ accreditation.

Mailing Address: 150 Tulip Street Cheltenham, VIC 3192

Admin office (appt only) : Sporting Pavilion (next to Forboy pavilion), 11 Venice St, Mentone 3194

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