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My child wants to play in two age groups, what do I do?

You must discuss this with both age group coordinators (their proper age group coordinator and the age group above), so the coordinators are aware they must allocate the player into two teams. Then yes, you must register twice.

Do I need to score at my childs game?

Team managers will assign one parent to score each game. Procedures for how to score using the new stadium scoring system (playHQ) are coming soon.

Do I have to pay entry to watch my child play?

Yes, all spectators over 12 are required to pay an entry fee. Parents can order a season pass to allow entry into the stadium each week during the season (not including finals). This is great value compared to paying entry each week at the door. These can be purchased on the SBA website.

When is my child's game?

Check the Sabres website to keep a track of the time and location of your games. These will be posted week by week during the grading period and then the whole season will be posted. 

My child is interested in playing with the Mustangs and I would like to check if a spot exists.

We encourage you to talk to the relevant age coordinator. Please see our committee contact list for details.

Can you please advise where teams train?

We currently have 3 training venues, Beaumaris Secondary College, Parkdale Secondary College and Parktone Primary School. For the next season, we are unsure where teams will be training until we have finalised the number of teams, but it is very likely to be one of these three venues.

Do the Mustangs offer extra training sessions (clinics)? I read on your website that there are clinics for both players and coaches, so I was wondering whether these are offered on a regular basis (on top of weekly team training).

At this stage, we as a club, don't offer additional player training. However, the association does offer morning trainings at the Tulip Street Stadium. More information can be found at

We offer coaches training sessions throughout the season and these are advertised via email and social media.

How can I register for my child to play?

Registrations details can be found under the Registrations tab of this website.

I need some coaching assistance from the coaching coordinator

Our coaching coordinator is employed to support our coaches at training sessions, approx. 1-2 per season. Request can be made directly to coaching coordinator. If coaches need support at games i.e. advising the coach at games on game play, then this can only be done as a special exemption and the request must be made to coaching coordinator who will come to the committee for approval.

How does a team get a coach and team manager?

There are three basic steps when it comes to teams coming together:

1/. Players register in PlayHQ 

2/. Age coordinators build the team of 7-8 players (9 by exception)

3/. A volunteer team manager and coach are allocated from the pool of team parents. On occasion when a parent is not available to coach, families within the team may approach a sibling, friend or older player to take on the role. 

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