Emergency / Fill in Player From time to time a team may be required to use a fill in player so a team can take the court. Refer to table below for fill in player eligibility and by-laws for full details.

14.1 The emergency player clause can only be implemented if a team has less than five (5) players eligible to play that game. 14.2. Should a sixth player registered with that team enter the court, the emergency player will then be substituted off the court for the rest of the game.

14.3. All emergency players must be registered with the SBA prior to taking the court and can be from any club/entity team.

14.4. The fill in player clause can only be implemented if a team has less than six (6) players eligible to play that game.

14.5. A fill in player must be registered with the same club.

14.6. A junior fill in player may play up to three (3) games a season in a higher grader of the same age group in a junior competition. Once the player plays a fourth game in a higher grade, they are no longer eligible player in the lower grade. Junior players are not permitted to play in a grade lower than the team they have registered to play in.

14.7. A fill in player may play for a team as long as the addition of the said player does not exceed the total representative points allocation for that team (14 points).

14.8. A fill in player’s representative points may not take the place of an existing players points if the existing player is not playing - the existing player’s points are in place for the season regardless of if they play or not. See Southern Basketball Association Competition By-Laws 9

15. Late Player Inclusion in Team

15.1. A late player registration may be added to the list of players registered for a team after the commencement of each season. Before that player’s first game with the team, their club will need to register their details online and add them to the team. The player’s name will automatically be added to the scoring system. Note: If a player is joining after grading season, written approval must be granted by the SBA CEO.

15.2. A player must not take the court and play under another player’s name. A forfeit will be issued to any team that breaches this rule.

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