SPRING 2021 SEASON RE-COMMENCES SATURDAY 6TH NOV (following lockdown no.6)


  • Masks are not required during games for Players, Referees & Coaches while on court.

  • Masks are required for all patrons aged 12 years or older whilst inside the stadium

  • ​Covid safe distance to be maintained at all times

  • QR code to be used upon entry


1 spectator per player

1-2 Coaches

+16 individuals must show proof of vaccination


GREEN-50 status

  • Training and competition can resume with the minimum number of people required

  • A limit of 1 spectator per participant is recommended, up to a Density Quotient (DQ) 1:4m2 and group limits of 30

  • Masks are mandatory for all patrons over 12 years of age at all times unless medically exempt. Players, coaches and referees are exempt while on court participating in an exertive role 

  • Vaccination Requirements - Vaccination requirements may differ between venues according to density limits. Please be kind to all staff and volunteers as they do the best to get our kids back on the court.


The situation is very fluid for Spring Season. Please keep an eye on the Mentone Mustangs Facebook page for the latest news.

All adults attending games or training are required to complete the following (click on buttons to proceed):

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