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Mentone Mustangs Update - NOVEMBER 19TH 2020


Hello to our wonderful Mustangs Community

How is everyone??? It's all been a bit full on hasn't it??!! We sincerely hope that all of our members have made it through the lockdown as well as can be, and everyone is ready and raring to go. Time for some optimism and time to get our kids back on the courts!! And let me tell you, we cannot wait!!!

Following the Southern Basketball Association's announcement in the last few days, our committee are getting organised for the recommencement of basketball in Term 1, 2021. We are still working on some finer details at club level, which we will communicate out over the coming week, but in the meantime we thought we'd give you a wee update on what is known. So please read further for some information on :

SBA's planned return to play
What happens with my current registration
Thank you to outgoing committee members and call for help on committee

We would appreciate your time in reading this email all the way through.

SBA Reopening (Back to the top)
In the last few days, the SBA (Southern Basketball Association) have released details on their plans for their return to basketball. If you have missed the social media posts or their website release, please click here for detailed information.

Main points are:

  • Domestic competition will recommence on Wednesday 27th January 2021

  • As previously communicated, the domestic competition will now operate as an Autumn season (January to June) and Spring Season (July to December)

  • There will be some changes to some players age groupings

  • 3 on 3 competitions will be available in December and January, however players need to organise and register their own teams, Mustangs will not be registering teams on your behalf.

What happens to my registration? (Back to the top)
All of our current registrations will automatically rollover into the Autumn season. Therefore, those that have registered previously, and have not cancelled their registration, won't have to do anything. We will be in touch to confirm your registration.

If you're unsure whether you are registered, PlayHQ will have emailed you a receipt at time of registration which you should be able to find in your emails, or alternatively you can log into your PlayHQ account and check there. If you're still not sure, please contact your age coordinator. A list of age coordinators can be found here.

If you cannot play in the Autumn season, you can apply for a refund. Please note that your registration fees were made up of BV, SBA, Play HQ and Mentone Mustangs fees. At this point in time we are only able to reimburse you for the money received into the Mentone Mustangs bank account and the SBA bank account. In all cases this will be over 80% of your total registration fee. If you would like to proceed with a refund, please click here. Please note that we can only place and hold spots on teams for those that remain registered.

Committee Update: A huge thank you... (and call out for help) 
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We are very proud of our committee members here at Mentone Mustangs. However, as with all volunteer committees, there comes a time when people need to move onto other things.

We are sad to see the following committee members go, but are very grateful to them for the amazing job they've done on our committee:

- Beth Schonewille,  U10 Boy Coordinator (coming up to 3 years service)
- Leonie Hearn, Secretary, and previously U10 Girls Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator (1.5 years service)
- Danielle Rigoni, U12 Boys Coordinator (6 months service)

We would also like to thank:

- Liz Murray, our current u9 Boys Coordinator who will also take on the U10 Boys Coordinator role
- Leonie Brien, our current u16 Boys Coordinator, who will also step into the role of Acting Club Secretary

However, we really need your help.

We urgently need a Dad or Mum to volunteer for our U12 Boy Coordinator Role. 

Basic duties of the role include: 
- Coordination of teams
- Liaison with coaches and team managers
- Take parent enquiries
- Attend committee meetings

Training will be provided. Further details can be found here

As a thank you for taking on this role, we will reimburse one child's fees for every season served.

If you can help or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact

That's all from us for now, but we will be back in contact over the next week to confirm any outstanding details.

If you have any direct enquiries, please contact your age coordinator in the first instance.

With very best wishes,
Amber (on behalf of the Mentone Mustangs Committee)

The situation is very fluid for Spring Season. Please keep an eye on the Mentone Mustangs Facebook page for the latest news.

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