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Our committee works very hard to ensure that each child is placed in a suitable team, and that all teams have the required player numbers in accordance with the Southern Basketball Associations By-Laws.  However, we do understand that from time to time, things change and people need to cancel out of teams.


In the event that you need to cancel your registration before the registration period concludes, we will refund the fees paid to Mentone Mustangs and SBA, minus a $30 Mentone Mustangs administration fee.


If your cancellation request is received after registrations have closed but before the season commences, we will refund your fees paid to Mentone Mustangs and SBA, minus a $50 Mentone Mustangs administration fee.


For any cancellations received after the season has commenced, a refund will not be granted.

Illness/Injury cancellation -  if the participant has a medical condition which prevents them from any further activity which occurs within the first 3 months of registration and will preclude any activity for the remainder of the registration period (a doctor’s certificate will be required)


While rare, there have been occasions where Mentone Mustangs cannot place children in teams for reasons such as not enough numbers for a new team or lack of availability on existing teams etc. In these instances, the Mentone Mustangs will waive its own administration fee as set out above. Basketball Victoria registration fee will still apply, as it pertains to your child’s registration with Basketball Victoria, and is not linked to Mentone Mustangs. However, your Basketball Victoria membership can be used at any basketball club in Victoria and is valid for 12 months. 

The registration fees imposed by Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia remain applicable specifically to your child's enrolment with these organisations. These fees are independent of any association with Mentone Mustangs. It's important to note that your Basketball Victoria membership and Basketball Australia Levy holds validity across all basketball clubs in Victoria for a duration of 12 months. Should you wish to pursue a refund, kindly contact the respective organisations directly.


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