Welcome to the Spring Season 2021 for Mentone Mustangs. The season will start on Monday 12th, July (Your starting day will depend on your age group). Season runs over terms three and four, 2021. Here is a link to the calendar.


The Spring season will be a different one for all of us and we appreciate your flexibility as we navigate these unprecedented times. We envisage there will be changes to attendance and procedures at both games and training and we will keep you advised as we learn more. We will comply fully with all DHHS requirements to ensure a COVID SAFE environment for all our members.


By the end of this week we will hopefully have sent all team managers the Spring season team lists. Your team manager will relay this information to your team. We have had quite a few changes to registrations, so please be patient with your Age Group Coordinators as they bed down the teams. (if you do need to contact your Age Group Coordinator, their details can be found on our website)



Please follow this link to read our code of conduct. We ask that all members (including players, parents and coaches) abide by these. 

Code of Conduct



Follow the link below to keep track of the time and location of your games. These will be posted week by week during the grading period and then the whole season will be posted. southern basketball fixture. It is a good idea to always check the fixture before each game in case venue or time changes have been made.


It is important that you advise your coach and team manager of availability for all games. Coaches rely on this information for planning each game. Forfeiting a game with less than 7 days notice will incur a cost for the team.


If you are an existing player, you will already have a uniform.  If you have outgrown your uniform or have a conflicting number in your team, please order your uniform online. If you are new to the Mustangs and do not have a uniform, please also order your uniform online (order forms and sizing charts can be found on our website).


The constantly changing COVID-19 regulations have created many challenges. Therefore training slots have not been finalised yet, but we are aiming to have these finalised ASAP. Your team manager will advise you of your training slot, once these have been finalised. Again, please be patient as this is a huge job for a club our size and limited venues available. Once the training schedule is published, team managers will have the opportunity to trade slots with other teams directly.

Drop-off and Pick-up

*When dropping off players at training, parents must ensure that the coach is at the venue.  Occasionally training needs to be cancelled unexpectedly and if we have been unable to notify you, your child could be left stranded without supervision. Team managers will arrange a parent roster for training sessions to ensure we comply with COVID SAFE practices. 

*Parents, please ensure that you are punctual when collecting players.  It is not fair to expect the coach to wait with your child unnecessarily.

*Coaches must stay until all players have been collected from training before leaving the venue.


Here is a list of possible venues used for games and/ or training. 

Venue Name


Sandringham Stadium 

Tulip St, Cheltenham (off Reserve Rd)

Cheltenham Secondary College

Bernard St, Cheltenham

Mentone Girls Secondary College

Balcombe Rd, Mentone

Parkdale Secondary College

Warren Rd, Mordialloc

Beaumaris Secondary College

Reserve Rd, Beaumaris

Parktone Primary School

Robert St, Parkdale



*Players are required to take a ball to all training venues with the exception of Parkdale Secondary. We encourage all players to carry their own hand sanitiser for use before and during training and games.



Parents can order a season pass to allow entry into the stadium each week during the season (not including finals). This is great value compared to paying entry each week at the door. This pass will come in the form a virtual card, stored on your phone.


For teams aged u10 and older* Mentone Mustangs record the most valuable 3 players for each game and these points are accumulated at the end of each season and a trophy awarded. The team manager will assign a parent each week to do the voting. (This is optional for U18 upwards)

3 points – Most Valuable player

2 points – 2nd MVP

1 point – 3rd MVP

*U9 Teams - all players receive a medallion at the end of the season.


If you are new to scoring, please ask an experienced parent to sit with you while you score.

All parents are expected to share the scoring responsibility. Your team manager will provide a roster for scoring. If you are unable to score on your allocated date, please find a replacement scorer.


POLOS - Did you know that we encourage all our coaches to wear a Mentone Mustangs polo on game day? If you have not received your game day coaching polo, please contact girlsuniforms@mentonemustangs.com.au and we will fit you.

REGISTERING - We require all coaches and team managers to be registered in PlayHQ and Everproof. 

STEP 1 - PlayHQ registration links - U9-U18 team  OR  U20-U23 team

STEP 2 - Here is how to update your Everproof qualifications

1 Log in to Everyproof

2 Click on Qualifications tab (NOT Compliance tab)

3 Click on Add Qualification

4 Select the correct qualification title from the drop down tab 

STEP 3 - Here is how to register with Everproof for the first time

Contact your Age coordinator (cc admin@mentonemustangs.com.au and ask to be invited to Everproof. An invitation will then be sent to your email.

COURSES - All coaches are required to complete a Community Coaching (level 0) course within their first season. If you have not completed one yet then keep an eye out on https://www.southernbasketball.com.au/sba-community-coaching-course/and also follow us on Facebook or Instagram as we will do a shout out when new dates are announced. 



Our website is a great source of information and resources so please pop on and have a look around.


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news and information. 


We are still looking for some amazing Parents to join our committee. The Club offers 100% reimbursement for 1 of your child’s fees for every season volunteered. If you can help or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact president@mentonemustangs.com.au


If you no longer want to be on the Mentone Mustangs mailing list. Please email secretary@mentonemustangs.com.au


Thanks for being part of the club and have a great season.

The Mentone Mustangs committee